Experienced Sellers in Tampa Real Estate

The difference between a successful home sale and a stressful one is your real estate agent. When you choose an agent with a proven track record and knows the market better than anyone, you can expect a highly lucrative and streamlined transaction.

When you're selling your Tampa home, there's no better real estate team to work with than the one from INSIDE TAMPA HOMES. You can trust Craig and Linda Nowicke to price your home right, get it ready for showing, and deliver the results you deserve from your property sale.

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How We’ll Price Your Home

Pricing your home correctly is the first step to selling it quickly for top dollar. That’s why you can't rely on automatic home value estimators or outdated algorithms to do it. You should work with a real estate professional who knows this area, keeps up with the market, and has proven experience in selling homes.


Give Us Some Info

Provide us with your home's address. Then, we can gather vital selling information.

Let Us Do the Work

We'll research for you, from neighborhood sold reports to remodeling improvements.

Get Your Answer

Our team will promptly send you your home’s value. And we are always available to answer any questions!

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Resources to Help You Sell

Sold Reports

Keep up with your neighbors by seeing what they sold their homes for!

Full Home Analysis

We'll review your entire home with a fine-toothed comb, including any repairs and renovations. Our expert team will also look at market changes and come up with the most accurate price.

Stage Your Home

We'll show you how to stage your home to the nines, which will help it sell faster!

Steps to Selling

Want a step-by-step guide of everything that needs to happen for your home to sell? Let our team show you.

Timeline for Selling

If you want to know long it takes to sell a home, we can provide a general timeline so that you can start planning!

Unexpected Costs of Selling

Don't want to be surprised by the costs of selling? Consult us to learn where these could come from.

Get a Free Estimate

You can count on the real estate professionals at INSIDE TAMPA HOMES to handle the sale of your property. Reach out to us for a free estimate of your home.

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Do you need to Relocate Out of The Tampa Area?

If you're here but need to move out of the area, we can help you find a great real estate professional where you are going!  Contact us, and we'll help you make that important connection!